Bittersweet End to an Amazing Era

I have come to acknowledge that I will never be able to reach my goal of posting and blogging every week. My last update was before summer had started, I’m the worst. LOL. The reason why I haven’t been posting is that in the summer I work as a full-time daycamp leader, and after 8 hours a day with kids your brain just shuts down. I’ve been dedicated to this job and my community center for 5 years, that’s half a decade. 

I still remember when my first year, during my group interview, I was so furious with the girl that was in the station in front of me. I was running out of things to say at my own station and wanted to move on, but she kept on talking so I had to come up with more things to say and stall at my own station. Little did I know, her and and another chicka in our interview would be one of the reasons why I love going to work.

No matter how much I complain and groan in the morning, or whine, I wouldn’t trade this job for anything else in the world. I love my coworkers, they’re the best bunch to be around. It’s the small things that make up for the early mornings and hiccups along the way. Seeing all the bright smiles or groggy faces on the little ones as they walk in, seeing the smiley sweaty ones run over to you from halfway across the gym hoping they won’t ask for a hug, trying super hard not to give them a hug – because a one arm side hug has to suffice. This year was probably the most challenging of them all, but I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without such amazing people by my side. Coworkers to be frustrated together with, friends that help me take my mind off work, and a boyfriend that is forced to listen to me drone on and on about work. 

Some of us are off the bigger things next year, my future doctor friends and nurse friends! Goodluck to all of us, and the torch will be passed on to those who we have trained this year. 




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